It didn’t take long for this beautiful color palette to make its way into my art of dressing. After playing around with my table decor I couldn’t wait to get my hands into my closet. There is just something soothing and yet energetic about this color combination.
My eyes quickly fell on this orange linen shirt dress (yes, it's actually a shirt dress but I choose to wear it as a tunic or jacket).
Pairing it simply with some skinny jeans . . .
And heels . . .
And adding the perfect scarf to tie the two colors together.
I really do love this season that’s now approaching, the season of brilliant, vibrant and warm colors.

As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Have a most wonderful day.

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outfit details: shirt dress-banana republic, scarf-anthropologie, heels-ann taylor, jeans-joe’s (nordstroms)

SUMMER-TO-FALL-TRANSITION: With a color palette of orange and blue

Transitioning from one season to the next is always a pleasant and renewing experience for me. Each year I seem to add to or totally change my decor for each season. As each new season begins to approach I wait for some spark of inspiration to hit before I change up my decor. You’ll never believe where or how the spark happened for this season.
Sometimes it will be a beautiful arrangement of flowers inspiring me with their array of colors . . .

Sometimes it will be during my morning runs and observing an object in nature . . .

Other times it may be from a magazine, a picture, or a memory.

But this year it came as I was driving down the street one evening and noticed a sidewalk sale happening at one of my favorite local boutiques in town (Amy’s Boutique). Even driving, well I was the passenger, I spotted this colorful object in a basket. To my great surprise it was a beautiful woven rug, full of vibrant colors. As I laid it out my husband gave me a look, a big questioning look, (more like where in the world would that match in our home). But you see, I had a vision, a plan, a spark of inspiration.

I knew exactly where this colorful handmade rug was going . . .

Right on my table as my summer-to-fall tablecloth.
Sometimes in order to be truly inspirational you need to think outside the box.

This piece was the only new item I added to my table decor this season. I pulled the rest from my collection. Adding a layer with a table runner I received as a gift from India, some orange square dinner plate as placemats, white and royal blue dinner plates, followed by royal salad plates.
Topping it off with orange silk embroidered napkins inside some gold napkin rings and royal blue goblets.
For the table scape center pieces, I also drew from my collection beginning with the center vase and filling it with fresh sunflowers . . .
And then adding some of my ceramic collections . . .
And jars . . . (found at a garage sale)
Mixing and matching old and new always seems to bring a table together. I think I’m going to quite enjoy this colorful transition.

Now on to the next room, and who knows it may just lead to my outfit choices as well.

As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Have a most colorful and wonderful day.

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It should feel like fall in the air but so far it hasn’t arrived here in my hometown. Therefore I’m going to savor every last summer night as possible.
Eating alfresco in my own backyard . . .
with my light breezy maxi dress . . .
straw hats . . .
sandals . . .
and just a bit of layering.
After all we still August for a few more days.
Happy weekend to all of you, my you savor the rest of the summer nights as well.

outfit details: dress and cardigan-jcrew, vest-Zara, multi straw hat-norstroms, plain straw hat with band: boutique in Florida, flat sandals-anntaylor, heels-topshop
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Some traits you just accidently or naturally hand down to your children. Having fun with dressing was one I gladly shared with my daughter (my son hasn’t quite picked this trait up).

There were many times while shopping together I would try to pick outfits for the two of us that would match. Now I don’t mean to say the style would be the same, after all there is quite an age gap, but I would stick with a color palette and have some fun. It didn’t take Tori long after she had Molly, in fact I believe we were out shopping within the first week, to begin doing the exact same thing. I just sat back and laughed and loved every minute of this. It was even better as I watched them get dressed each day, carefully matching in some form or another.
So when I was visiting my cute friend Kim with LulaRoe and she showed me her line for little girls, I knew exactly what was going home for Molly and Tori.

I love this little (as Molly puts it) “twirly” dress. It’s so full and yet extremely light weight. It’s casual enough for play time and yet dressy enough to head to church in.
And what better way to match just a bit that for Tori to put on this amazing skirt, add a fun gingham print and some matching floral pumps.
Thank you LulaRoe for helping out with the matching kind of days.

THE CLASSIC (basic) WHITE-BUTTON DOWN: 3 reasons to own one.

The basic white button down, the one item I know most of you own and probably love just as much as I do.
The one item that is so basic it sometimes gets lost in our memories, lost between all the other colorful button downs hanging near by.

And yet, its the one item that will forever be known as the button down classic . . .

The one item everyone should own at least one (more like three or four) of.

There were many fashion, decorating, and style tips I learned from my grandmother but this one I always followed:

Always buy a new white button down every year . . .


1. Because the style of the cut and fit will change from year to year.

2. Because you want it White and Crisp.

3. Because it will be the most versatile, essential and classic item in your wardrobe.

This year I chose to add an oversized, long length, white button down to my collection (Eileen Fisher).

I love the easy going, casual feel it brings to my day . . .
Whether I’m going out for the evening and sporting heels . . .
or just running errands and playing for the day.
I’m looking forward to layering this item for fall by throwing on a boxey sweater over the top or a possibly a longer vest. Yes, I’ve spotted a few . . .

Gotta love a good old basic and classic white button down, don’t you agree?
As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful day.

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It’s that time of year again, the first day back to school. My instagram and facebook posts have been flooded with darling pictures of children standing on their front porch with signs in their hands announcing their start to a new beginning. Most are grinning ear to ear and look absolutely delighted and excited to be going back to school. I love this attitude, I love each and every one of these post and I truly love each and every parent who remembers to document these days because they go by so dang quickly. And before you know it, you will be in my shoes and just sitting back relaxing, reminiscing, and possibly looking at some old photos of the same kind of days.

Does this day flood me with memories? Oh, boy does it ever!
I spent many years not just taking photos of my children as they prepared for this day but being the teacher who greeted these cute little faces as they entered a new classroom, a new stage of their lives.
Although I’ve left that profession many years ago, the power of learning, of teaching, and inspiring others will always be part of who I am.
In honor of ‘back-to-school’ days, I decided to do a bit of decorating with the theme.
And back to my question . . .

How did you send your children off?

Did they have on a brand new back-to-school outfit?

Were their backbacks full of new supplies?

What was in their lunch boxes?

But most importantly, did they take their teachers a back-to-school welcome treat?
If not, here’s some easy and fun ideas . . .

Fill a basket with some fun supplies: pencils, erasers, gluesticks, kleenox, band aides, fun stickers, and maybe some fresh flowers from your yard.
I always took my children to the store and let them pick out a few items for their teachers. Target dollar section is perfect for this.
Or simply just take a few boxes of kleenox tied with a thank you card, or band aides.

A new picture book they can share with the class is also another fun idea and this one is my all time favorite!!!
As for me, I think I just might go buy a back-to-school outfit and have some gals over for ‘back-to-school’ tea party . . .

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One of my favorite sayings or mantras for that matter is:
“Self-confidence is the best outfit . . . Rock it . . . Own it”

That doesn’t mean you need to dress head to toe in a designer type style every day or really any day. What it means is simply you believe in yourself. That you are beautiful just the way you are . . .
Big . . .
Small . . .
Crazy . . .
Shy . . .
I find putting an outfit together is just one of those little creative outlets, kind of an art form, it’s one of my helpful tools in believing in myself. So when I step outside to greet the world for the day, I’m ready . . .
I’m ready to spread some cheer, some joy, some positive energy and hopefully some inspiration to others. Do I look perfect??? Heavens NO! But that’s ok, I like what I’m wearing and that’s all that really matters.
Earlier this month Catherine from not dressed like a lamb began a compaign #iwillwearwhatilike It’s well worth reading here. And it’s even more fun to join in.

I’m joining in today by sporting my ponytail wearing day (no, I’m not too old for this).
As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Have a most wonderful day! Go Rock It! Go Own It!

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