Even after returning from a week long vacation, it’s still 80 degrees here in the Salt Lake Valley. Ok, I won’t complain, it’s beautiful and the morning air is finally greeting me with a crispness that gets me running a bit faster (oh, I love that feel). And since I’ve been away I decided today I would be creative by shopping in my own closet for some Fall inspiration. I know you’ve all heard it before, but seriously dressing can be a form of art, and sometimes it’s just fun to play around with items you have on hand.

I decided to pull pieces that spoke of fall colors . . .

A simple gold tone pencil skirt was my beginning point . . .

And then I spotted an oversize scarf which I decided to wear as a wrap . . .
Even better, I chose to belt it giving me the option of a wrap or vest. (pulled out my skinny bronze tone belt)
I wanted to keep the focus on the fall colors, therefore a simple white button down did the trick.

Next step was adding some fall accessories, I decided on my collar statement necklace and finishing it off with a moss color cloche.
I do love this time of year and all the gorgeous colors, thank you closet for helping me out today.

How about you, do you find inspiration in your closets?

As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful Fall day.

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outfit details: skirt-jcrew, scarf-nordstroms, necklace-anthropologie, hat-boutique in England


I’m patiently waiting for fall, well at least I’m trying to be patient. I know I should savor each hot hot day, but truthfully I’m so ready for the weather to drop just a little so I can get out my fall sweaters and put on some closed toe shoes. So to go along with mother nature and the hot temperatures, I have once again put on a summer dress
but layered it with leggings and new clogs. . .
as well as my light weight long sweater.
This way we can get along just fine until that first breeze of fall air finally arrives.
As always my friends thanks for dropping by, have a wonderful day.

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The quiet days of fall have finally arrived. My very favorite season, the one full of lovely colors, rich aroma that fills my home and a peaceful feeling that quietly takes over. As I noticed the first leaves beginning to fall, I knew it was time to redecorate and bring some of that lovely feel into my home. This season always brings a new kind of celebration, a time to refresh, a time to relax and a time to reminisce. It’s a time to layer with color and textures and a time to enjoy some fresh produce from the summer harvest.
fall luncheon7
And what better way to bring this all together than to celebrate with some friends with a fall luncheon.

I created a little invite using a photo I took of a fallen acorn and then layered on some texture with background paper, ribbons and leaves.
fall luncheon.1
Then I placed them inside this three fold card, tied it up with some bakers twine and another leaf and off they went.
fall luncheon2
I invited some new friends that are Utah based fellow bloggers, it’s so wonderful what this blogging network can bring.

I decided I would stick with fall leaves and apples as a theme.

A few nights before I made a huge batch of homemade apple butter which I then poured into individual canning jars and tied them up with fall fabric and bows.
fall luncheon4
They were the perfect little item to top off each place setting.
fall luncheon3
fall luncheon5
I’ve kept the table quite simple . . .

Bringing in fall colors of green,gold, orange, and red . . .
fall luncheon10
Different textures with silks, linen, and burlap . . .
fall luncheon9
fall luncheon8
fall luncheon12
And the centerpiece was full of nature- fresh picked apples and twigs from a pumpkin vine.
fall luncheon13
fall luncheon6
Each guest left with their apple butter jars as well as an apple sugar cookie (created the little tag, layered over a little doily) and homemade carmel apples.
fall luncheon21
fall luncheon24

This is what a chose to serve for the day . . .
fall luncheon18
Throughout my home I added little fall vignettes . . .

Soup tureen and teapot (used as a vase)
fall luncheon14
Books and flowers from my yard . . .
fall luncheon20
fall luncheon15
Each of my cute friends walked in with the most adorable hostess gifts, which was so unexpected, but I was thrilled to say the least.

I’ll be featuring each of them in some of my fall posts but this little vase and flower arrangement from Jo ( fit right at home with my scarecrow book I had out that I couldn’t leave without sharing it.
fall luncheon23
Thank you my friends for dropping by today and welcome to the first day of Autumn!

Yes, I’m sticking to my autumn tradition and baked up a storm of fresh pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, so I best running to deliver now. Hugs to you all . . .
fall luncheon25

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Girly girl: a woman who chooses to dress and behave in an especially feminine style

When I walked out of the house this morning with bows on my feet . . .
and belt . . .
and florals on my sleeves . . .

and pearls wrapped around my neck . . .
I instantly realized I’m quite the “Girly girl” today.
And sometimes its absolutely wonderful to feel this way.
Outfit detail: floral sleeved tee from LulaRoe via Kim (great gal to work with), skirt-banana republic, belt-black house white market, shoes-paolo (nordstroms)

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Some call them joggers, others might say they’re athleisure wear, but we call them loungers because that’s exactly what we do in them, lounge.
we take it easy . . .
we relax . . .
we simply take time to repose, rest a little and have a whole lot of fun while doing so.

And believe me, when I find something this good to lounge in, it’s worth buying double and playing twinners.
How about you, my friends, do you spend time in loungers? I sure would love to see and hear about them.
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outfit details: loungers-mindymae’market


Tassels began popping up here a little, there a little and now they’re everywhere! Designers are putting them on bracelets, handbags, scarves, earrings. shoes, and necklaces. I’ve even spotted them in several other facets of designs, from interiors to party decors. And if you’re wondering why the rage? Well, it’s quite simple, tassels are a fun, easy, and versatile accessory and believe me, if you want to join this craze there will be a tassel version that will fit your bill.

I joined the tassel craze first by adding this necklace to an already free spirited kind of outfit.
It seemed to bring all the other items and elements right together. . .
From my floppy hat . . .
high heeled sandals . . .
even my Dooney and Burke messenger bag (which could almost be vintage by now, pays to hold on to some items)


I’m thinking this tassel craze is kind of fun.
Outfit details: black skinnies-banana republic, shoes-audrey brookes (DSW), shirt and necklace-anthrolopogie, hat-old navy
When I spotted these spotted these flats with the added tassels, I just couldn’t resist joining from the feet up. I’m so looking forward to pairing them with a pencil skirt and possibly some fun socks.
So have you joined the tassels craze? My two blogging friends Jill at (everythingjustso) and Adrienne at (therichlifeonabudget) chose tassels for this months HWIM series. Head on over to their fun posts and check out all the great tassels.

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Remember a few posts back how I mentioned there were a few traits we pass down to our children? Well I’m happy to say and observe that my love of party-giving and celebrating has passed easily into the heart and soul of my daughter. And,there is no better celebration than a birthday, especially when it involves a child. No matter the age my children were turning, whether it be 1 or 21 or. . . (well let’s just say they’re getting older these days) I always want to make their day special.

Now I have the added pleasure of joining and lending a helping hand to help celebrate Molly’s special day. Last year we celebrated with a circus party (here). This year it was all about Ice-Cream with the cherry on top!
Tori, my daughter, chose the theme and we actually began shopping for the party a few months ago. Thinking ahead always helps both with stress and finding just the right accessories to make the party “POP”.

Tori sent out invites a few weeks ahead of time . . .

Easily letting the special guests know what was in store.
Then last week I flew in a few days before the party just to lend a helping hand.

We spent a few days prepping in the kitchen . . . (no, I do not look this cute while baking).
Making banners and place cards for the treats . . .

As well as buying and wrapping the party favors.

The actual day of the party all we had to do was set up Molly’s Old Fashioned Ice-Cream Shoppe. Knowing the weather was set to be a nice day and the kiddos would be getting just a bit sticky, an outdoor setting was perfect. Also keeping in mind all the children’s parents were invited as well, I mean who doesn’t want to join in building an ice-cream sundae?

We placed the chalkboard art on the outdoor window seal and then added some banners and balloons.
Next we began setting up Molly’s Old Fashion ice-cream shoppe . . .
Which consisted of cones dipped in chocolate and sprinkles . . .
And all kinds of toppings, carefully placed in old fashioned tulip sundae and milk shake glasses (hint: found at the local antique store) to make your own sundae . . .
Ice-cream cone cupcakes . . .
Rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate and sprinkles . . .
And homemade ice-cream cone shaped sugar cookies.
This was one delightful site for an ice-cream shoppe.

What I found so enjoyable about this party was observing how everyone, of all ages were enjoying themselves by doing the simple things in life.
Eating an ice cream cone . . .

and coloring for entertainment (the kids loved this).
And then taking turns hitting the ice-cream cone piƱata. Remember the thrill and squeals when the candy finally flies out!
The children were each given an ice-cream cone sippy cup which was placed in a cellophane bag making it perfect to hold their treasure of candy.
Yes, I realize at the end of the party when all the guest have walked away that a huge part of throwing a birthday party is for us,as parents . . .


Because that’s just what we do . . .

We love unconditionally . . .

We delight in seeing the joy in our child’s face . . .
And we absolutely love the memories and traditions it leaves behind.
Happy Birthday Miss Molly Doll!

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