Traveling during the summer months is most likely on most of your agenda’s. I always enjoy my little get-aways but during the summer months its just a lot more fun and so much easier to pack.

My list always begins with which shoes I’m planning to take . . .

Usually one pair of flats . . .
And one pair of comfy heels . . .
A hat to protect from the sun and for those days I just don’t want to bother with my hair.
A larger bag to carry, well everything (and for extra shopping). . .
And a smaller one for day trips.
On most trips I like to take at least one skirt or dress which can be worn casual
Or dressed up a bit.
This fun little number from that wonderful company LuLaRoe is the perfect travel dress.
I’m quite hooked on their cute skirts and dresses right now, they’re so practical, comfy, and stylish. And you can shop right from your home by visiting Kim’s personal page, HERE.

I also thought I would add a photo of all little items I never leave home without.
Two of these items I would be in serious trouble without . . .

my trusty eyeglasses (you don’t want me driving without them).

Last month Firmoo eye glasses contacted me to see if I would like to try a pair of their amazing glasses. Of course, I would, it’s an item I never leave home without. Talk about impressive. You actually order on line, and can try them on with your computer screen. The turn around was less than two week and I have never owned a pair of eye glasses that are actually weightless and fit so perfectly. The bonus, just look at the case they came in! I was in love with them before I even opened the case. Well, the real bonus actually is with their pricing, which is beyond practical.
I’ll be off from blogging for a few days, as I take this dress and glasses to another adventure. You can follow my little getaway on instagram.

*Firmoo sent these glasses to me, all reviews are my honest opinion.

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Summer Whites

I really should have titled this “Yes, I want to be just like you”.
That’s exactly how I felt and exactly what I decided to do when I was out shopping with my daughter a few weeks ago. She had grabbed this dress to try on at anthro and I seriously wouldn’t have given it a second glance on the hanger, but as soon as she tried it on, I immediately responded with “I want to be just like you”.

It had all the bullet points for the perfect summer dress . . .

*sleeves, which I prefer . . .
*a fun length (not too short and not too long) . . .
*and it was all white . . .
*just a nice, refreshing summer white dress.
This is my grown-up version of how I styled it, complete with my handmade bonnet I purchased a few years back in Italy.

So are you still enjoying some summer whites? Love to hear and see about it.
As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Have a most wonderful day.

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Lemonade Anyone?

We’ve reached the heat of the summer here in Utah which calls for a daily dose of fresh cold lemonade.
I’ve always loved the old fashion, cute little lemonade stands you see in front of homes, which I never pass by, I mean, come on those kiddos are working hard. Whenever I entertain I’ll mix up a refreshing summer drink. Actually I tend to make a pitcher of some kind of drink each morning just to have on hand during the day and for dinner.

As we tend to spend the majority of our time outdoors I really wanted a fun, grown-up type of lemonade stand to serve drinks on. I knew exactly what my idea consisted of . . .

an old fashion beach bike . . .
Complete with a basket for holding flowers or snacks . . .
And an umbrella for a little shade.
Thanks to a dear friend who actually gave me this bike and my wonderful hubby who reconstructed the seat and handlebars to hold the tray, I now have my very own traveling style lemonade stand.
I’ve really had a lot of fun with this . . .
So easy to change out the decor with the drinks I’m serving . . .
When it’s the watermelon kind of day, it calls for red and white checkered . . .
little daisies I quickly cut from the garden and some red and green straws.
You all should give this drink a try.
But on the pink lemonade days . . .

It kind of calls for old fashion roses . . .
And pink accessories.
Yes, it’s ok with me to buy some good lemonade when its this cute.

And lots of times my drink of choice is simply to add fresh fruit to water.

What’s you summer refreshing drink of choice?

As always my friends, thanks for dropping by . . .

Sure would love to have you all over for a nice cold glass of lemonade.

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As I mentioned in my last post, on the 4th of July we usually have friends and family over to swim and BBQ. It’s a day to just kick back, laugh a lot, eat plenty, have some major fun in the sun, and socialize.

I usually don’t stress about what I’m going to wear for the day, all I care about is that it’s easy to move around in and versatile enough to be casual yet still stylish. A few days ago I spotted this red and white checkered maxi skirt on LuLaRoe’s Facebook page and immediately knew it would be the perfect item for my fun filled day.

I knew I could easily have some fun with this maxi by pairing it with my espadrilles (yes, still adding the yellow) and an oversized button down, giving it a relaxed feel.
Or I could go for this look . . .

and pair it with a vintage style tee . . .
accompanied by denim wedges and a denim button down for the evening.
Little did I realize that it could also be worn as my swimsuit cover-up.
Now that is what I call a perfect little item.
So glad I jumped on over and grabbed this skirt. By the way, they have a boat load of incredible maxi skirts in an array of patterns that will get your mind spinning. And the best part, not only is the fabric absolutely incredible, they are always changing. I found the best way to purchase is to join a VIP page, pop on over to this wonderful ladies site, Kim Roylance (she is the best and most helpful associate ever, definetely knows her product as well as style).

Now, as promised, here’s a fun little hostess gift or just a fun 4th of July gift to give to friends or family.
I saw this free printable a few weeks ago and since it basically fit into my 4th of July celebration idea I printed a few off.
They were so dang cute I decided to glam them up a bit and ran to the store (Michael’s) and bought some clipboards and spray paint. Spray painted the clipboards to use instead of picture frames. And then tied on a junk bow of torn patriotic fabric pieces.
Now this alone makes a fun and cute gift.

But if you want to give a bit more as a hostess gift simply fill a basket with some of the sayings . . .
like sparklers (for the fireworks)
some BBQ sauce or condiments
and of course some coke.
I always like to add a fun dish towel, it just brings it all together.
Ok, I’m definitely ready to have some fun. How about you?

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Our National Birthday is only a few days away and I’m busy prepping for this fun celebration. I’m not ashamed to admit, I thoroughly enjoy our patriotic colors and have been wearing them daily.
I find it’s fun to add just a little of the red, white, and blue theme. A surprise element like possibly just one blue finger nail? Or a few added blue bracelets.
I’m still keeping to my addition of yellow.
My front porch is now ready to welcome family and friends . . .
as well as a few vignette’s throughout my home.
Since we’ll be hosting our annual family and friends swimming and BBQ party I’m now excited to put together an all American style attire, this will be so fun! Although if you want some really great inspiration, go visit my dear friend Tamera’s site, its full of how to shop your closet for this celebration.

I’m off now to get that outfit together (can’t wait to show you the skirt) and lots of fun food ideas as well as one great hostess gift for attending a summer BBQ.

As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Have a most wonderful day!

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STEPPING INTO THE PATRIOTIC WEEK (mixing red, white, and blue . . . with some yellow)

It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year, the one that celebrates the big birthday of our nation. I so love this celebration, it represents everything dear to my heart . . .






I’m stepping right into this celebration by wearing just a little of our national colors (red, white and blue) on my feet and adding some happy yellow.
If by chance you’ve been invited to a celebration or a BBQ this coming week here’s a quick and easy hostess gift idea.
*First find a perfect container. I chose this canvas style basket because I loved the versalitiy and color.
*Second think of a theme to go with. I decided to fill it with a lemonade theme.
*Third start adding your fun. I found an oversized mason jar with the perfect red lid (matching my container) and filled it with fresh lemons, some red and yellow napkins were tucked inside and then I filled a cellophane bag with sugar and tied it with a red and white ribbon. To top off the container I grabbed an old salad dressing bottle and filled it with a fresh sunflower, this just brought the whole package together. I printed off a homemade card with a fun saying about mixing lemons with sugar and tied it to the container.
By the way this was my hostess gift I shared with the adorable Jann, who hosted a local bloggers meet and greet last Saturday afternoon. This is the true benefits which come with blogging, when you can actually meet your virtual friends in person and become real true friends. You can check out some of the fun we had by clicking onto her link here.
As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Are you planning any fun activities this week?

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I’ve always thought about doing a post titled “When I’m not blogging, I’m . . . ”
then list things or activities that keep me away from blogging. One such activity at this time of year is gardening or as I see it, playing in my flower beds. I truly believe the outside of a house, meaning the yard, tells a whole lot about the people that live inside. Therefore, when gardening I like to add some fun art and whimsy to the yard.
This year I decided my front yard center mound was ready for a redo, a total make-over. So I started from scratch pulling out all the old bushes and plants and leaving only the tree. I then brought in new dirt (isn’t this so lovely, I do love some dark new rich dirt) which followed with a trip to the nursery where I purchased a whole new set of perennials. The next step was to place them around the mound getting a feel to how they would look, one thing to keep in mind, always have a plan as to what color scheme you want before shopping. Then I began planting. After the perennials were in I could then add color with annuals. I chose to go with pinks and purples so I bought geraniums, petunias, lobelias and alyssum.
I think its kind of fun to add character to your follow beds by placing pots right in with the plants. You can easily put in an old wheelbarrow, a chair, a wagon, you name it. I chose this old wrought iron cart and then planted some succulents inside.
I’m not the only one who enjoys this.
On the other side I spray painted an old terra cotta pot white and placed a store bought planter right inside. I like the different height and color it adds to this mound.
Now I just get to sit back and watch it all grow.
I don’t think my husband would agree, but in my heart, a garden is not complete without roses.
Now take a walk with me into my back yard where the magic really begins. . .
It’s the place I really get to play around . . .
where garden angels exist . . .
even wearing my crowns . . .
where you can relax to the sound of spoons playing music (believe me, it is the sweetest sound)
this is hanging right above the Fairy Garden . . .
just waiting for Miss Molly (my granddaughter) to come for a visit.
And when you want to sit back and relax, you can join me here with my toolbox of herbs.
As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Have a most magical day.
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