When it comes to summer dressing or another way of putting it, what do I normally wear during the extra hot days of summer, my answer would be; a light weight cotton dress.
One that requires little to no added accessories (this one I add only one simple necklace).
One that can be accompanied by a straw hat for added shade,
and One that looks good with flat or low heeled sandals.
This little number I purchased from anthropologie of few years ago has most definitely made the 1-2-3 cut.
Do you have a favorite summer dress that’s just so easy to throw on?

Heading over to Patti’s for visible Monday to see what others are wearing during the heat of summer.
As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Hope you’ve all been enjoying this last month of summer. I will be heading to my favorite destination (Lake Powel) for our annual family retreat. I’ll be checking in on your fun posts but may not be able to respond too much, just know I’ll be thinking of all of you.

I will be posting fun instagram and face book pictures so keep tuned.


I’ve always had a love for anchors or rather the anchor symbol. I find myself collecting little symbolic anchors, such as embroidered sweaters, towels, bracelets, necklaces, pictures, and little treasures to adorn my home. Why my fondness for anchors? For one, it reminds me of summer time, beach time, everything nautical and fun. But most of all its due to what it represents; an anchor provides stability or confidence.

As I was looking at some of my anchors one day, I thought to myself, “what are my real anchors in life”, “who are my anchors in life”? The answer came quickly, my family, and my friends, and the gospel. And with that thought on my mind, I just knew I needed to gather up my anchors and let my friends know just how much I appreciate the anchor they provide to me.
And what better way than to have an “ANCHORS AWAY TEA PARTY”.

I began by creating the invitation . . .
And then layering on the details with lobster and chevron paper, wasabi tape and lifesavers.
The next step is the table setting . . .
I chose to be a little more formal to bring in a bit more “grown-up” feel. I used a white linen table cloth, and then layered with individual blue wicker placemats, which brought in the nautical feel. Then I added gold chargers and my blue and white dinner plates followed by a navy salad plate and white dessert plate.

On each plate I carefully placed a “message in a bottle” . . .
This was my message to my dear friends.
Then I began my table scape decorating . . .
by adding seashells to glass bottles and tying twine around the tops . . .
some I added little nautical cards . . .
and other jars I filled with candles and lifesavers.

Candles were hung from the chandeler . . .
and a fishing net and banner hung from the window.
The front porch was also set for the party with a new welcome wreath, Betty with her nautical ensemble and anchor, and a boat cooler.
Some of the other decorations I added were, a picture of Molly at the beach which I placed inside a glass jar, a shadow box filled with anchor pictures, and one more blue and white vase filled with fresh flowers.
On the morning of the tea party I placed fresh flowers in wicker baskets and vases . . .
And then began setting up for the guest to arrive.
The center piece was our yummy sandcastle (homemade) bundt cake . . .
As each guest sat down they were greeted with the wonderful frozen strawberry lemonade, ice water with lemon and mint, shrimp cocktail, and cucumber soup.
For the rest of the menu we had a pasta salad with grapes, pineapple, chicken and cashews, with watermellon slices and homemade lemon-blueberry scones.
The best part . . . is always the laughter we share around the table.
After lunch we all went to another room where I had tables set out for my friends to take some time to be creative. I simply layed out 10 x 10 wood frames, sheets of awesome nautical paper, anchor pictures and sayings, ribbons, ink, modgepodge and then they just created their magic. I love seeing what these incredible women come up with.
Thank you so very much for letting me capture you on camera, your creations were just too great not to share.
So, my friends throughout the world, now you can see why I have a love for anchors.
I thank you all for adding to my fleet of friends because in this world we truly need as many anchors as we can get.

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ADDING SOME BLACK (to my summer white)

The only thing better and easier than mixing white with white is adding black (at least in my style book), so before my white vintage summer skirt made it to the dry cleaners I did just that.

Added a basic black summer tee . . .
A statement necklace . . .
And a straw hat.
Talk about easy styling.
What about you . . . Do you have any easy styling tips?

I’m heading over to Patti’s for visible Monday to see about some.

SUMMER WHITE’S (share-in-style)

When you want to mix summer + style + a little bit of elegance + keeping cool, you dress head to toe in white.

For my latest date night, I did just that . . .
by wearing a long linen white skirt . . .
an embroidere tee . . .
and a linen scarf worn as a shawl.

I chose to throw on easy going flip flops to keep the look on the casual side.
How are you wearing your summer whites?

Join me as I head over to Mrs. Papelicos for share-in-style to see how others are sporting their summer whites.


It’s full on summer here . . .
The day begins to heat up when the sun peaks over our Eastern Mountains . . .
Doesn’t cool off until it sets behind the Western Horizon . . .
We spend a lot of time staying “Cool” by and in the “Pool”.
Part of my daily routine consists of setting up umbrella’s for shade . . .
Placing towels on each lounge chair . . .
(yes, I enjoy having them match. I normally purchase my beach towels at Home Goods, they have the best prices and great quality).
Then I take out plenty of oversize drinking glasses and a pitcher which I will fill with Ice-water and simply throw in some limes or cucumbers and mint from the garden. I find this is the most refreshing drink.
On the days when friends are joining us, I will place magazines around the tables for added entertainment.
And then whip up a fun pasta salad for all to enjoy.
This one is my favorite of the week:
1 cup cherry tomatoes cut into fourths
1 cup cucumbers seeded and chopped
1/2 cup kalamata olives (or more if you prefer)
1/2 feta cheese
1/4 cup fresh mint
3/4 box elbow pasta (or whatever kind you have on hand)
mix greens.
Balsamic vinegar
olive or avocado oil

I just pour everything into a bowl and then mix just a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar and put it the fridge for about an hour to let all the flavors blend together, then right before serving I will add a bit more vinegar and some oil and if you prefer salt and pepper.

One of my favorite things about summer is staying “cool in the pool” but most of all when we can enjoy it with friends makes it even better.


I believe I’ve figured out the magical solution for keeping young. Did you notice I didn’t say, looking young, I’m still trying to figure that solution out, I simply mean acting and feeling young at heart.
Here’s my solution . . .
Just hang out with an infant or a child for a day, even an hour will bring about some of this magic potion. You will find yourself immersed in their way of thinking and acting and loving life.
The last few days I’ve been spending time with Miss Molly (my granddaughter), and I’ve found myself rediscovering some of the simple pleasures and treats of summer-time.
I was overjoyed yesterday while playing at a near by park when I heard the old familiar song coming from an old fashion popsicle truck (I didn’t even realize they were still around). I quickly flagged it down and purchased one for each of us. I don’t know who enjoyed it the most, this 51 year old grandma or Miss Molly.
Either way, I sure felt young while eating it.

Little note on fashion, this is my version of grandma shorts.
What is your version of grandma shorts? And, have you found any magical solutions to feeling young?
I’m heading over to Patti’s for Visible Monday in hopes of seeing some youthful faces.


The ever so fun and talented Sacramento of MIS PAPELICOS has her Share-In-Style link up today and its all about wearing denim in summer.
So how am I wearing denim this summer?
One way is by wearing my wide leg or (aka) Palazzo trousers. These are super duper light weight and quite an easy way to dress up a denim look.
For day time wear, I normally pair them with a simple tee, fun wedged sandals, a big sun hat, a simple lightweight necklace, and my oversized straw bag.

And then for evening I just layer on a lightweight tunic, making it just a bit dressier, exchange the wedges for gold heeled sandals, a clutch in place of a big bag, and a more elegant hat.
I love wearing denim, but during the heat of the summer months, it must be something easy breezy.
What about you? How are you wearing your denim this summer. Head on over to MIS PAPELICOS for some fun ideas.